Cullompton History Archive

The Cullompton History Archive is funded by Historic England as part of the High Street Action Zone (HAZ) project (2021-2024). The aim of the HAZ Cultural project is to breathe new life into the town centre and to build on what makes Cullompton town centre special, including its history, heritage and buildings of architectural interest. The building histories and town centre tales that emerge from the various histories projects will be showcased in the town centre through exhibitions, storytelling and performances, helping to enhance the sense of local pride and improving the perception of the town centre.

The website aims to provide a record of the heritage and history projects and research carried out during the length of the programme and, at the same time, add existing material to it so that the website eventually becomes a local resource that brings together all the history research relating to Cullompton.

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

This website has been created by transferring the information that was already stored on touch screens in the town centre as a result of a previous “Wool Trade” project and then building on it by adding buildings to the interactive map of the town centre. In order to get our programme underway we researched the history of the town centre buildings in order to gather background material on which to base our ongoing projects.

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