Cloth Trade Introduction

In 2013/14 the Cullompton, Culm Valley and the Cloth Trade Project worked with voluntary researchers to bring together existing and new information on the history of the cloth trade, and to collect oral histories from people who worked in the cloth trade in the last century in Cullompton.

Over 60 volunteers offered time, knowledge, research, skills and donations to this project.

The purposes of the project were to:

  • conserve and make accessible the hidden heritage of Cullompton and the Culm Valley and the cloth and clothing trade
  • increase knowledge and understanding of this hidden history amongst local people and school children
  • involve local people and school children throughout the project
  • celebrate the tradition of craft weaving at Coldharbour Mill

These pages offer an overview of the project and its findings, including photography, oral histories and information on the history of the trade.