Fore Street (East side)

Here is some more information about the buildings on the east side of Fore Street

1. XL Planning Grade II Listed BuildingOriginally part of the Half Moon Coaching Inn which probably closed in the 1840s when the station opened.  It then became a private house until it was purchased by the Labdon family and became a Builders Merchants with offices and a builder’s yard at the rear.   The shop and offices behind have had numerous short term tenants since the 1970s including Gas & Oil Burners Hipkiss, Lyne & Sergeant Estate Agents Wessex Taverns Roger Williams Solicitor Malcolm Trump Architect Mr Pheasant Chiropodist Baker Dolphin Travel Agents, First Choice/Tui Travel Agents  
3. Premier StoresOriginally the Green Dragon, the first reference we have been able to find is 1713 “This book began 14  November 1803 by Jane Scobell”  (Day book found in the attic of 3 Fore Street and held in the Town Hall listing sales at an Inn or similar, probably the Green Dragon. Extract from a Poem written by Brian J Hooper Headmaster St Andrews Primary School Recruitment Sergeant “Now come on lads, let’s see who’s willing, To join the Colours, here’s a shilling” Yokel “ I’ve never had twelve pence that’s mine, So show me where I have to sign” Recruitment Sergeant: “Well done lad.  Now you’re in no flagging,  We meet each week at the Green Dragon” The Dragon was a local bar, Where Kemps and Labdon’s Yard now are, Famous for its grog and gruel, And also for a fateful duel, That took place on a dreadful day before Queen Vic came here to stay, She wasn’t Queen then .. no, less, only a small royal Princess. (Queen Victoria was born in 1819).   In 1823 the property was purchased for Mrs Sarah Monkton by her father   Extract from Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, 13 July 1839  (James Monkton was a linen draper and the husband of Sarah Monkton)   “after a severe illness, Mr. James Monkton, a respectable and much esteemed inhabitant of Collumpton. He was taken from his chamber where he lay in a dying state, on Sunday during the awful fire; a burning flake, wafted from the lower part of the town, having fallen on premises near the house in which the unfortunate sufferer was expiring”. A second newspaper report  from Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, 13 July 1839 “Near the Half Moon the destruction of valuable property is very great.  A great number of houses continuous to the bank are total wrecks, but that building was saved” As the Green Dragon was between the Half Moon and the bank we are assuming that the originally building was damaged in the fire. Sarah Monkton is described as draper and tea dealer.  The Monkton family continued to live at this property until the early 1900s.   The site was Steers Drapers and Ladies and Gents Outfitters from the early 1930s until the late 1950s.  The shop front was changed from two windows with a recessed door to the present design when it became Kemps Grocers in 1977. It was later purchased by Mr & Mrs Barden and became Londis Stores in the mid 1990s.   1911 Census – Private House 1939 Kellys Steers Outfitters  
5. Osteo and Physio CullomptonLloyds Bank 1911 Census Private House
7. Porters Bar and GrillNational Westminster Bank 1911 Census – Bank The front is false, in the 1930s it was a cottage with a front room where Mrs Endicott sold fruit and sweets.  It was later taken over by National Provincial Bank.  
9. Design at No 91911 Census – Drapery Store 1939 Kellys George Fry – Draper & Milliner In the 1930s 9 & 11 were combined to form Fry’s Ladies and Gents’ Outfitters By 1963 it was Smith’s Drapers and by 1977 it was Spendfreeze and Spendsave, a freezer shop it later became Dalzells Distributors selling clothes and table linen etc.  
11. The Barbers ShopKnown as London House and previously Dalzell Distributors it became a Barbers Shop in 2006.  Fry’s Outfitters (as above) and before that the Misses Soul kept it.  In 1908 it was Soul & Co, general drapers, milliners, clothiers and hatters.  
13. Nosh1878-9 Whites: Samuel Stanley Labdon, butcher and gamekeeper 1893 Kellys: Mrs Elizabeth Labdon, butcher 1911 Census – Butchers Mr Labdon 1939 Kellys – London Central Meat Co (Manager Mr Ellis) Central Dairy Kemps Grocers (moved to 3 Fore Street) Vicary’s Card Shop Fresh n’ Fruity Jeeves Sandwich Shop
15. XLN Hair & Beauty: Vacant1911 Census – Boot Shop – Mr Way 1939 Kellys Eric Batten Boot & Shoe shop: shoe and boot repairs were carried out in a big shed behind the shop in Matthews Court. Leisure Shop  
17. Bubbles Launderette1911 Census Jewellers Shop – Mr Baker and before that it was Beeston’s music shop 1939 Kellys – Frank Stevens radio shop In 1962 this was still Frank Stevens’ wireless shop which later sold televisions.  Mr Stevens’ daughter Susan opened a hairdressers on the first floor.  This later became Vicky’s Hair Stylist. In 1977 it became a fishmongers and fruit shop run by Roger Stone and his wife.  
19. White Hart     Grade II Listed BuildingPub since at least 1723. Exeter & Plymouth Gazette: 16 May 1857 “White Hart Inn to be let ‘a profitable business has been carried on for more than 60 years past. Attached to the dwelling house are convenient yard, stables, coach houses and all other offices requisite for contributing a large and respectable Hotel business’ and two large gardens” A centre for the town over centuries in ways which identify important historical events: from non-conformists swearing allegiance to the crown in 1723; Vestry meetings from 1737; focus of procession of wool trade workers in 1761; meeting on Enclosure Act 1800;  Grand Western Canal meeting 1810; Cullompton Turnpike AGM 1830; Tithe Commissioners 1838; Petty Sessions 1846-7 (good social history in reports) many auctions; meetings of local groups such as Freemasons, Bible Society, Friends of the Conservative Cause. It was one of many pubs which in the 19th century issued its own tokens. 1911 Census – Hotel: Landlady – Miss Holmden  
21. Hairmania   Grade II Listed BuildingOriginally part of the White Hart it became a printers and stationery shop from 1857? 1852-3 Slaters: Isaac Frost, Booksellers, Printers and stationers (and circulating library) Mr Frost Stationers 1911 Census Stationers Mr Lawrence 1939 Kellys – Lawrence’s Paper and Stationery Shop Vranch House  
 1911 Census – China Shop Miss Stark
23-25. Co-op1893 Kellys – John Reynolds, ironmonger, coal merchant and assistant overseer 1911 Census – Ironmongers Mr Reynolds 1914 Kellys – John Reynolds and Asst Overseer 1939 Kellys – Reynolds & Sons Ironmongers and Coal Merchants: They had a premises out by the station where all the coal was kept and did a good trader as every home had a coal fire.  It later became Stan Doyle’s Ironmongers and DIY and then Roberts & Cotterill Ironmongers and Hardware Balfour News
27. Swimming Pool Charity Shop1911 Census – Drapers Mr Hillier 1914 Kellys – Hillier Henry – Draper, builder, butcher and egg dealer, ironmonger and coal merchants 1939 Kellys Hillier Glass & China Shop: Tiny Hellier’s General Store which sold everything from safety pins and hairgrips to toys and sweets. Stan Doyle Wallpaper Shop Imperial Cancer Charity Shop  
29. Isabelle1911 Census – Grocers Mr Rawlings & Sons, established in 1895.  Along one side there were tins of biscuits that were weighed and put into a bag by hand (no gloves were used).  On the other side was the provisions counter where customers could buy a piece of cheese, nothing was prepacked and the assistants could judge within a whisker how much a customer wanted.  Sugar was kept in a sack on the floor and the quantity you wanted was scooped into a blue bag.  Bacon was sliced in front of the customer and the floor was bare and had sawdust on it. 1939 Kellys – Rawlings Grocery Shop By 1977 the shop had become Standford Family Grocers and it was later a delicatessen owned by Mr & Mrs Rosatti. It later became Fulfords Estate Agents  
31. Naturally PawsomeKnown as West End House it was a tailors and outfitters for many years in the 1930s owned by Harry Ball. It was also Battens Gents Outfitters before being taken over by Wakefields Men’s Outfitters.  It became Windsors Tailors in the 1980s and then Instep Footwear. Watson Outfitters Exeter (plaque on outside) 1911 Census – Drapers Mr Batten 1939 Kellys – Wakefield & Sons Outfitters
33. Charter House1893 Kellys – Cullompton Coffee and Reading Rooms ( W Forse Manager) 1911 Census – Temperance House (Mr Force and Mr Penrose) 1939 Kellys – Capt Ransome – tobacconist   In 1903 this was the Temperance House, a place for travellers to stay if they didn’t want to stay in a public house. Since then it has had many owners/tenants including Tappers Vegetables, Sweets and Tobacco Halletts Models and Toys By 1963 it was R H & H E Stone Tobacconist, Confectioners, Fruiters and Florist. Smugglers Sweet Shop Lets Go Travel Streamers  
35. The Little Silver ShopFormerly Denners sweet shop, the shop then became a barbers run by Mr O’Neil and then Bolham Dry Cleaners.  In 1977 it was Cullompton Wine Store run by Mrs Dean before being bought by Mr & Mrs Ash as a jewellers in the 1980s. 1939 Kellys – Phyllis Osmond’s hairdressing salon 1911 Census Hairdressers – Mr Harding  
37. Antiques1911 Census – Private House 1911 Census Boot Shop Mr Sansom 1939 Kellys – Stevens & Sons jewellers shop Mr & Mrs Pope Jewellers
39. Moonlight Pizza Grade II Listed Building1911 Census Paul’s bakery 1939 Kellys Reginald Paul – Bakers: Had a bakery on the premises and baked lovely cakes and bread.  It later became Hilton’s Antiques and then Mills Antiques until Mr & Mrs Mills moved to Tanyard Antiques opposite the present Aldi Supermarket.
41. Vacant   Grade II Listed BuildingCullompton photographic, 1911 Census – Boot shop, Mrs Knight 1939 Kellys Frisby’s Boot & shoe dealers which later became Marie Footwear.
43. Little BakeryThe original site of the Post Office and Telephone exchange before everything was moved to a new purpose built complex on the other side of the road. In the 1930s all the phone numbers in Fore Street only had two numbers.  1911 Census – Post Office – Booty In 1962 the shop was occupied by the International Stores and it later became Lewin Peplow Chemist, Wines and Spirits.  Peggy’s Pantry Pickwicks  
Leyton Court There is not a No. 45 
47. Virginia’s Hair StudioIn 1895 this was Brooks’ Ironmongers, owned by George Brooks who was also the fire chief. 1902 Kellys – George Brooks, ironmonger and tinplate worker 1911 Census – Ironmongers Brooks By the 1930s it was the Gas Showroom 1939 Kellys – Devon Gas Association – This was where bills were paid and appliances sold and repaired. There was a workshop down the alley. The gas was produced in furnaces and stored in a huge gasometer at the Gasworks which was sited on land adjacent to Labdons in Station Road. It was later taken over by Barclays Bank and then became a hairdressers. First Studio Hair Salon  
There is not a No. 49Door to court
51. Mimi Hair StudioPart of the Angel Inn, listed as a tavern in 1844, the licence was revoked in 1903   In 1903 the following report appeared  William Heatman had for many years carried on The Angel at Cullompton in a manner which gave perfect satisfaction to the public and to the police.  He had invested his capital in the house and reasonably looked forward to remaining in undisturbed possession thereof, as long as he conformed to the law of the land.  But, at the last Licensing Session the renewal of his licence was refused, not through fault of his own but because the Magistrates – who had previously licensed the house in the interests of the public –came to the conclusion that ‘there were too many licences in Cullompton’ so poor Heathman had been driven to the Bankruptcy Court”   However this report may be incorrect, as the licence was only transferred to him in 1901 and, although he had received no convictions, he had been warned by the police on many occasions about keeping a disorderly house.  The house was also described as ‘a small and very badly kept arranged house within 65 yards of four other fully licensed houses’       1902 Kellys – Eli Drew: Angel Inn and tobacconist 1911 Census – Butchers Hawkins? 1939 Kellys – Culm Meat Supply
53. Golden EaglePart of the Angel Inn (see above)  1911 Census Photography Shop – Haley 1919 Kellys – Haley photographer 1939 Kellys George Cross’ photography shop After the licence for the Angel Inn was revoked it became a photographic shop run first by Mr Haley, then by George Cross and finally Margery Heard took it over in 1962.  It was where everyone went to have their wedding photos and the like taken.  When Mrs Heard died the shop was sold to Mr Hong and became a Chinese take-away.  
55. Charcoal Grill1911 Census Chemist Shop 1939 Kellys – Joseph Simmons & Son Hairdresser Mark Helliers Electrical Shop At one time Dick Carter’s barbers and later Joe Simmonds barbers by 1977 it had become Mark Hellier & Son Electrical Shop  
57. Community HouseRising Sun Public House, earliest record found Whites 1850, 1878-9 Whites – Edmund Broom, Rising Sun 1911 Census – Public House Knowles 1902 Kellys – John James Kerswell: Rising Sun 1939 Kellys – YMCA: There is a view that Mr Sellwood was offended by the number of public houses in the town and purchased the Rising Sun for conversion to the YMCA.  It later became the Labour Exchange, run by Len Dyer, who took over the front of the ground floor and the rear was used as a Boys’ Club. During WW2 the ladies of Cullompton ran a teetotal canteen on the ground floor. It was purchased by Cullompton United Charities and became known as Community House but has recently been sold for conversion into flats.  
59. Norton Optician1939 Kellys – Sid Salters Butchers Shop. By 1977 it was Guys and Dolls Boutique. Later it became Bill & Taylor Opticians. 
61. Norton OpticianFrom the 1930s to the 1950s this was Bill Moore Optician, later it became Dunn’s Shoe Shop, Henry’s Hair Salon and finally Franks Fencing Cameron’s Books and Maps.
61a. Post OfficeOriginally the Plymouth Brethren Chapel 1939 Kellys – Hedley Heard dairyman In the 1980s it was a shop selling jeans and t-shirts with a pool table and gaming machines above.