Half Moon, 1 High Street/ Fore Street

The original Half Moon is in the foreground, assuming that at this time it was a private house, currently XL Planning

The original Half Moon Hotel was a coaching inn located in Fore Street/High Street in the region of the Town Hall/Clarks Court immediately opposite the Tiverton Road junction and included land bordering  Middle Mill Lane. The cottages at 1-5 Middle Mill Lane were originally the quarters for the ostlers and other servants working at the inn. They were located on land known as Half Moon Orchard.

Part of the Half Moon premises were sold to the town and the current Town Hall was built on the site. I am assuming that the remaining section of the property that the Hodges family held on to,  that is now, 1 Fore Street, became their family home and was later sold to the Labdon family.


1751Mary Mullins apprenticed to Peter Kemp for the Half Moon Devon Records Office

Hannah Perram apprenticed to Elizabeth Mundy for the Half Moon Tenement by consent2404A/PO/114/16
1786John Born, otherwise Page (born 1 March 1779) apprenticed to James Monkton for the Half Moon InnDevon Records Office
1789Sarah Evans apprenticed to Grace Monkton for the Half Moon by consent in the room of Mary Mitchel2404A/PO/135/19
The 1790 Universal British Directory“Two stage coaches, one for Bath and the other for Bristol go through every morning, except Sunday, at seven o’clock, return every evening about five, and stop at the Half Moon Inn.  ….
The Principal inns are the White Hart, kept by Joseph Nosworthy, the Half Moon by Lucas Pulsford and the Red Lion by Robert Frost.  The latter inn is the excise office, and that at which the wagons put up”
1 October 1792Meeting held at the Half Moon to consider the construction of a navigable canal from Taunton to Topsham2nd Book of Cullompton
(Page 38)
15th October 1799Richard Taylor, of Cullompton, in the county of Devon, carrier and chapman; to appear Oct 19, Nov 2 and 16 at the Half Moon Inn, Cullompton.  Attorney, Mr Hurley, at Gaddon near CullomptonManchester Mercury
1800Joseph Martin apprenticed to Grace Pulsford, widow, for the Half Moon Inn2404A/PO/146/18
1802Simon Facey (born 3 May 1793) apprenticed to Thomas Blampin for the Half MoonDevon Records Office
8th Dec 1806MILITARY BALL AND SUPPER, at Half Moon, Cullompton on Thursday the first of January next.
Ladies, ………four shillings
Gentlemen, six shillings
Colonel the right hon. Sir George Yonge, bart. K.B.
Lieut. Colonel Robert Pell
Exeter Flying Post
9th June 1814Meeting of Trustees desirous of completing the new Turnpike Road from Cullompton to Hazel Stone … at Half Moon Inn.Exeter Flying Post
29th June 1815Hembury Fort House nr Hontion to be sold by auction (paintings, marble buts, musical instruments, animals…) Catalogue from places incl Half Moon CullomptonExeter Flying Post
1816William Rutley 10, apprenticed to Thomas Blampin, innholder, for the Half Moon2404A/PO/163/16
30th May 1818Hay Harvest commenced – Mr Blampin, landlord of the Half Moon Inn, at Cullompton, cut, on Thursday a meadow of six acres, the crop in which is estimated to be from one and a half to two ton per acre; and should the weather hold fine in a few days, he will have stacked a rick of hay of extraordinary quality and quantity at this early period.Royal Cornwall Gazette
1822Half Moon Tavern/Inn – Landlord Grace BlampinPigots
24th December 1823
“bounded on the North and East by the Half Moon Inn  on the South by the other part of the said premises called the Green Dragon Inn”Mr Roger Morle to Trustees for Mrs Sarah Monkton – Assignment of premises in Cullompton part of tenement called The Green Dragon Inn (held in the Town Council archive)
1830Grace BlampinPigots
1831Elizabeth Stone, apprenticed to William Hodges, innkeeper for the Half Moon and other lands2404/A/PO/180/6
1838 28 June
Queen Victoria crowned
… The gentlemen and tradesmen dined at Hodge’s Half Moon , J Leigh Esq, most ably presiding….
 Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 1838
1839…. At 7 o’clock in the morning the stagecoach for Bath and Bristol delayed for half an hour at the Half Moon Inn in the main street while its passengers partook of breakfast in the coffee roomRev Gubb
2nd Book of Cullompton (page 46)
1839 Tithe MapHalf Moon Plots 2512 & 2513 plus Plot 991 (Half Moon Orchard)
Plot 2512: owner Elizabeth Monkton, occupier Wm Hodges)
Plot 2513: Owner William Hodges, occupier William Hodges and others
Plot 991 Half Moon Orchard: Owner Elizabeth Monkton, occupier William Hodges
William Hodges also owned Plot 2514, occupier J Westcott and others – Plot 2514 was between the Half Moon (2513) and the Red Lion (2515)
1841 CensusWilliam Hodge 50: Publican
Thomasina Hodge 40
Mayer Balmbernser? 33: Commercial Traveller
John Summers 35: Commercial Traveller
Elizabeth Stone 15 (Female Servant)
Mary Fouracre 25 (Female Servant)
Elizabeth Brice 20 (Female Servant)
Mary Skinner 25 (Female Servant)
Last premises in Fore Street
I have assumed F.S. to mean Female Servant
1842The building of the Bristol-Exeter Railway in 1842 saw an end to the mail coaches and the town became the new centre of a postal district.Rev Gubb
2nd Book of Cullompton (page 46)

11 March
On Monday morning last a fire broke out at the Red Lion, Cullompton, which burned with great fury for some time, consuming the premises and those adjoining.  There are eleven dwelling-houses and cottages destroyed; the whole property is insured in the Yorkshire and Farmers offices.  Owing  to the great exertions of the West of England Company’s brigade of fireman the Half Moon Inn was preserved.Woolmer’s  Gazette
1844Williams HodgesPigots
1 Jan 1845To be SOLD by Auction at the Half Moon Hotel, Cullompton on MONDAY the 26th January next at five o’clock in the afternoon, the following premises MEADOW, ORCHARD, INN AND PREMISES
Lot 1: All that excellent watered Meadow called Great Mill Meadow, situate in Cullompton aforesaid, containing by estimation, Six acres.
Lot 2: All this Orchard called FRY’S ORCHARD containing by estimation an acre and three quarters situate in Mill Lane in Cullompton aforesaid, with the Curtilage and Buildings at the upper end thereof.

Lot 3: The HALF MOON HOTEL aforesaid with the Yard, Stables and Two Gardens
Lot 1 is held for the remainder of a Term of One Thousand years under the yearly rent of Fifteen Shillings and Two pence.  Lots 2 and 3 are held in Fee Simple.  The premises are now in the occupation of MR WILLIAM HODGES who Term expires ay Lady-Day next, when possession will be given.
The Premises and a Map thereof can be seen on application to MR HODGES, the tenant, or to MR ELIAS JARMAN of Cullompton, and further particulars may be obtained of Mr JOHN H TERRELL, solicitor, St Martins Lane, Exeter
Did Elizabeth Monkton sell her land and William Hodges then hold onto his land and building (2513) which I think is the land that the Town Hall now sits on.
1851 CensusWilliam Hodge 63 Retired Innkeeper
Thomasina Hodge 58 Wife
1852-3Hodges William (listed under clergy and gentry)Slaters Trade Directory
3 December 1859Wm Hodges and Rev.P. Sydenham and others as Trustees of the Cullompton Sessions purchased part of the tenement or the Dwelling house formerly called the Half Moon Hotel
“The purchasers will with all convenient speed after the completion of the purchase at their own expense erection a substantial wall where the dotted line appear on the said plan in height seven foot 6 inches for the purpose of enclosing the premises hereby agreed to be sold from the adjoining premises of the Vendor, without any doorway or drainage towards the Court of the vendor and shall not erect any privy or water closet near the said wall which shall or may in any way become a nuisance or offensive to the Vendors, his heirs or Assignees.”
I am assuming that Wm Hodges sold part of the Half Moon to the town for the purpose of building a new  Town Hall and held onto what is now 1 Fore Street as his family home.
William Hodge:  Retired Innkeeper 73
Thomasina Hodge: Wife 68
Charles Hodge: Son 46 Railway Fund Holder
Eliza Hodge: 44 Daughter Railway Fund Holder
Mary Hawkins 22 Domestic Servant
Charles Hodges 56 Retired Publican
Eliza Hodges 54 Sister Annuitant
Mary Hodges 45 Sister Retired Annuitant
Mary Hawkins 32 Domestic Servant
1881 CensusCharles Hodges 64 Head Retired Publican
Mary Hodges 55 Sister
Hannah ? 24 Servant
1911 CensusBuilders Shop (Labdons)