High Street (West side)

Here is some more information about the buildings on the west side of High Street

2. Costa CoffeeHSBC – Midland Bank
Huxtables Sweets and Groceries
4. Home FindersCullompton Carpet Shop
In the 1970’s D A Moore, house furnishers
Private House (Mr & Mrs Copp)
Back entrance to Regal Cinema
6. Seddon Estate AgentsLloyds Colonel’s Fruit & Veg
Copp’s Fruit, Vegetables & Flowers
Good companions fruit and flower shop 1911 Census Private House
8. Culm Valley CarpetsOriginally part of the Convent School, it later became Cullompton Weavers and in 1952 it was Culm Cycle Works. By 1962 it had been sold to Mr W R Denner who sold cycles, toys and ironmongery. It closed in 2005.
10.Originally part of the Convent School it became a fruit and vegetable shop before becoming Yardley’s shoe shop. It was Proberts Estate Agents and Bradley’s Estate Agents.
12–14. Heyford HouseIt was built as a private house for Dr Gidley in 1901-03 by Labdons & Sons. It was purchased from Dr Gidley in the mid 1930s by the Order of our Lady of Mercy who set up Our Lady of Dolours Convent School. It later became home to Glanherne School before becoming a Doctor’s Surgery again in the 1960s for Drs Hammond and Finch. Since then it has been occupied by
Harris & Fowler Solicitors
Heyford House Beauty and most recently
The Hive Hair and Beauty
16. Chic Hair SalonPrivate House
18.Private House
20. China Orchids
Grade II Listed
Originally a doctor’s surgery where Drs Hammond, Murphy and Gidley practiced, in the 1960s it was “Smile and Charm” with a coffee shop on one side and a hair boutique on the other. It later became the Bullring Restaurant, Teapots and Junction 28 Restaurant and craft shop.
22. Private House
24. Private House
26. Golds Place Dental SurgeryIn the 1930s Mr William Moorcroft had a home and dental practice here. Other dentists that followed included Bill Woolcott, Mr Jefferies and Mr Leigh-Brown. The house originally had a large garden and Bill Woolcott used to open it up to the public for garden parties.
28. Paramount Personnel
Grade II Listed
Originally a private house it became Culm Vale Electricity Company in the 1920s. This was the headquarters and showroom but power was generated by turbines sited beside the river roughly between Little Copse and Bradninch. It was later taken over by SWEB and closed in the mid 1970s.
Then became Barclays Bank before Paramount Personnel moved in.
30.Private house, demolished to create the access to St Andrews Estate.
32. Batchelor & CompanyPrivate House and at one time Phyllis Potter’s hairdressers
34. Residential flatsVale Vets
Private house (Mr & Mrs Bill Hill) Wm Hill Cattle Dealer (1939 Kellys)
It is believed that Mrs Hill started Glanherne school here and later moved it to the Victoria Hall and then 12-14 High Street. Mr Hill was a very prominent farmer in the local area.
36.Watts and Son Estate Agents and before that
Hamiltons Estate Agents
Henry Martin Insurance Agent (1939 Kellys)
Originally a private house (Mrs Martin) in 1977 it became “His Place”, a craft centre selling local leather work and other hand-made items.
38. Dunn & Baker Solicitors
Grade II Listed
Doctors Wilson and Davis
In the 1930s this was the Unitarian Chapel and Manse. It later became Drs Davis and Wilson’s surgery until they moved to Bramblehaies, a purpose built surgery in College Road, in 1994.
40. Vacant
Grade II Listed
Originally the Conservative Club the building was bought by its President Mr W J Grant and offered to the members for a rental of £20 per year. The club members became the sole owners of the property just after the First World War. It was sold by the Conservative Club in 2020 and became Frankies Sports Bar which closed in 2023.
42. Ingleby Dental Surgery
Grade II Listed
Private house (Mr and Mrs Snow) it was sold to Mr Bourne as a dental surgery in about 2002.
44. Private house
Grade II Listed
Originally a private house it has also been used as Holcon House Barber’s Shop, Holcon House Restaurant and in the 1970s as an antique shop and café.