Manor House Hotel, 2 Fore Street

Unsure of year but before it became a hotel. At the time Veryards was a separate dwelling

Pretty much wholly of 1603 when it was rebuilt by Thomas Trock with just the lower (i.e. ground-floor) stage of the north wall facing onto Tiverton Road, surviving from the building that was there before a fire in 1602. When the north wall was stripped and partially rebuilt in 2015 it was found that the ground-floor stage survived from an earlier building on the site, and even retains some sooting on its inside face, presumably surviving from the fire in 1602. This survival accounts for the chimney breast starting at first-floor level; the masonry below was retained from the earlier building and the northern room of the house, presumably a service room, was originally unheated (Blaylock 2016, 910, 16).

An early 18th century refurbishment is dated 1718 by an inscribed rainwater head on the rear elevation, which also has the initials WTS standing for William Sellicke and his wife Theophila. It appears in an early rate book as ‘part of sellicks.

In 1828 it was owned by William Upcott, a local cloth manufacturer, and then his son John Samuel Upcott, who continued the cloth business in Cullompton until 1868. He renamed it the Manor House in 1842 and he and his wife Mary lived there for the rest of their lives.

During WW2 it was requisitioned by the army and officers were billeted here. The iron railings outside were removed as part of the war effort.

After the war the owners opened part of the house as a tea room. Mr Neville Jones and his wife ran it as a hotel in the 1950s and carried out a great deal of work to the property before moving to take over the Cullompton Hotel (now Heyridge Meadow).


1844Upcott Mr JohnPigot
1851 CensusJohn Samuel Upcott, married, 36, woollen and serge manufacturer, wool stapler, born Cullompton
Mary Ann, 31, born Southwark
Charles J, 5, born Cullompton
Frederick R, 3, born Cullompton
Fanny E, 1, born Cullompton
unnamed son, one month, born Cullompton
Eliza Peers, wife’s sister, 29, born Southwark
Eliza Baker, servant, 26, house, servant, born Uffculme
Sarah Manley, 19, house, servant, born Bradninch
Elizabeth Waddleton, 44, nurse, born Topsham
Caroline Shooter, 19, house, servant, born Exeter
1861 CensusMary Ann Upcott, is, wife, 42, woollen Draper and merchant, born Lambeth Surrey
Robert Sears, wife’s father, widower, 80, house proprietor, born London
Charles, John, 15, scholar, born Cullompton
Frederick, Robert, 13, scholar, born Cullompton
Lewis, Edward, 10, scholar, born Cullompton
Mary Alice, 7, scholar, born Cullompton
Arthur William, 4, scholar, born Cullompton
Ernest Alfred, 3, scholar, born Cullompton
Maria Wheaton, 21, Cook, born Halberton;
Anna Woolcombe, 22, housemaid, born Uffculme
Ann Bakewell Moor?, 20, nurse maid, born Shebbear;
Thirza A Moor?, under nurse, born Shebbear
1871 CensusJohn S Upcott, 56, retired woollen manufacturer, born Cullompton
Mary Ann, 52, born Lambeth in Surrey
Charles, 25, wool merchant, born Cullompton
Fanny, 21, born Cullompton
Lewis, 20, undergraduate of Oxford, born Cullompton
Mary, 17, born Cullompton
Sarah, ?, servant, 23, general servant, born somewhere in Devon
1881 CensusJohn S Upcott, married, 67, retired woollen merchant, born Cullompton
Fanny, daughter, 31, born Cullompton
Emiline Dannett, 22, general domestic servant, born Gravesend
1889Upcott John Samuel, Private Resident.Kellys
1891 CensusJohn Samuel Upcott, 76, living on own means, born Cullompton
Mary Anne, wife, 72, born Lambeth
Fanny Elizabeth, daughter, 41, born Cullompton
Sarah Ann Luxton, servant, 24, domestic housemaid, born Devon
John S Upcott, 86, retired woollen manufacture and merchant, born Cullompton
Mary Anne, 82, born Westminster
Fanny Elizabeth, daughter, 51, born Cullompton
Mary Jane Whitton, servant, housemaid, 41, born Halberton
Mary Anne Upcott, 92, widow, living on private means, born Lambeth
Fanny Elizabeth, daughter, 61, single, born Cullompton
Mary Alice Farrant, daughter, 57, married, born Cullompton
Sarah Neck, boarder, 59, single, sick nurse, born Kinkerswell in Devon
Alice Lemon, 30, domestic cook, born Exeter
Eliza Maud Hooper, 28, housemaid, domestic, born Winsford in Somerset
1939Manor House Private Hotel (Leslie Whittome, proprietor)Kellys
Fanny Elizabeth Upcott (1850-1948 in the garden of the Manor House)