Oral History

In 2013/4 the memories of 18 people who have been involved in Cullompton’s cloth and clothing story were told in 11 interviews. Together these reveal the importance of cloth and clothing production in the town in the 20th century; and also how some small clothing businesses flourish in the town today. Recordings were carried out by Judy Morris, Christina Brand, Penny Bayer and John Burgess. Graham Sessions read the written account by Daniel Sellwood.

Fascinating Fact:
“My sisters were skilled lip readers as the noise of the looms was so loud you couldn’t hear anyone speak. There was a huge camaraderie amongst these girls at Fox’s – the Milfords, Wrights, Rowlands, Kath Morgan. They were skilled cloth workers and fine women”.

Marian Dummett whose sisters worked at Fox Brothers, Cullompton

Alan Speir

Was a weaver at Fox Brothers, Cullompton.  His mother mended nets at Heathcoats, Cullompton.

Joan Heard

Was an invisible mender at Fox Brothers Cullompton.

Clifford Hodge

Worked at Sellwood’s Tannery as a foreman of the Land Yard.

Daniel Sellwood

Recalls the processes at his family’s tannery business.

Teresa Damerel

Worked for Glenis Clothing before running her own business, with partners, TK clothing, Cullompton.

Kimberly McKeller

Is a young Cullompton fashion designer selling online through her company Abide Clothing.

Les Farrant & Steve Coffey

Were both weavers at Fox Brother, Cullompton.

Marian Dummett

Worked at Culm Leather, her four sisters worked at Fox Brothers, Cullompton.