Veryards, 4 Fore Street

Veryards is next door to the Manor House and was originally a separate private house until it was incorporated into the Manor House Hotel in 1983-4

Originally a private house, it was incorporated in the Manor House Hotel in 1983–4, when it was purchased by the then owners Mr and Mrs Ron Peters, after the death of its long-standing 20th century owner Edwin Lawrence. Mr Lawrence was a missionary but retired to live in the house in the 1970s. During his absence the house was leased to a number of families.

Long thought to be a 19th century rebuild removal of the rendering in 2017 showed a more complex picture. The shell of another early 17th century house survives in the core of the present building, with a broad entrance on its south side (such broad carriage entries were necessary to access the long rear tenement plots, in the closely-packed urban plan.

We think that the house is named after Dr Ellis Veryard who was living in Cullompton when he made his will in 1712. He died two years later and is buried in Plymtree Church.

In 1745, Thomas Bilbie moved to Cullompton and established a bell foundry in 1746 in Shortlands Lane. It is understood that relatives of his lived at Veryards. The Cullompton Parish Overseers of the Poor Apprenticeship Indentures list two young people apprenticed to Thomas Bilbie for Veryards, so did Thomas Bilbie live at Veryards?

Reverend John Veryard Brutton was vicar of Cullompton between 1777-1814, he was presented to Cullompton by Alice Sellick, daughter of William Sellick, who lived next door to Veryards and had known him since a boy. His elder brother Henry Brutton, was one of the most prosperous landowners in the area, and served as a churchwarden in 1777 and 1781. Does Veryards get its name from Rev’d John Veryard Brutton?

Walter Gabriel is mentioned as the tenant in the garden at Veryards between 1841 and 1861. He was a local lad (Exeter) who became a surgeon and practised in Cullompton from the 1830s to his death. There is a memorial to him and his wife in one of the church windows. He is mentioned in connection with the cholera outbreak in Bradninch in 1832 and the fire of Cullompton in 1839. He is also mentioned in the British Medical Journal in relation to legislation on medicine going before parliament in the 1830’s.


1773Thomas Rods apprenticed to Thomas Bilbie for Veryards2404A/PO/120/1-11
1787Charlotte Upcott apprenticed to Thomas Bilbie for Veryards 17872404A/PO/133/17
1844Gabriel William, SurgeonPigot 1844
1851 CensusWilliam Gabriel, 63, member of the Royal College of Surgeons England in general practice, born Exeter
Charlotte, wife, 60, born East Indies
Elizabeth, daughter, 30, born Cullompton
Susan Granger, 19, house, servant, born Cullompton
1861 CensusWilliam Gabriel, 73, MRCSE, general practitioner, born Exeter
Charlotte, Gabriel, wife, 73, born in Bengal in the East Indies
Emiline Parke?, house servant 24, born Cullompton
1871 CensusThomas Turner, 53?, derives income from dividends, born London
Elizabeth H, 52, born Cullompton
Eliza Govier?, 31, general domestic servant, born somewhere in Devon
Emma Mitchell, general domestic servant, 29, born London
1878-9Turner Thomas, Esq., J.P. Whites
1881 CensusThomas Turner, 63, magistrate share proprietor, born London
Elizabeth F, wife, 62, born Cullompton
Elizabeth Winsborough?, 27, Cook domestic servant, born Halberton
Elizabeth Sansom, 21, housemaid, domestic servant, born Ivybridge
1889Turner Thomas J.P. Private Resident.Kellys
1891 CensusThomas Turner, 73, JP, living on own means, born Middlesex
Elizabeth, Frances, wife, 72, born Cullompton
Agnes ? Glass, 37, cook domestic servant
Lucy Annie Smith, 26, housemaid domestic servant
1893Turner Thomas J.P. Private Resident.Kellys
1901 CensusThomas Turner, 83, JP , living on own means, born London
Elizabeth F, wife, 82, born Cullompton
Agnes Glass, 47, domestic Cook, born Cullompton
Agnes Smith, 30, a lady’s maid, domestic, born Cullompton
Lorna Meluish, 25, housemaid, domestic, born Devon
1902Turner Thomas J.P. Private resident. Kellys
1914Drake Major Francis Richard R.G.. Private ResidentKellys
1919Mrs Bromfield, Private resident.Kellys
1939Lawrence Mrs– private citizen.Kellys
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