Crown & Thistle, Cockpit Hill

The Crown & Thistle was located on Cockpit Hill and is now Hongs Fish & Chip Shop. The licence was objected to in 1903 as the landlord had supplied a constable on duty with liquor, but it was renewed, however the licence was revoked in 1918.

Timeline for the Crown & Thistle

1830William Salter: InnkeeperPigots
Tithe Map

Plot 2410 Landowner John Brice
Occupier William Broom and others,
listed as House, Malthouse and garden
Hannah Salter 60 Innkeeper
Eliza Voisey 20
Thomas Vinning 55 Currier
1844Hannah Salter Pigots
1850Hannah Salter: InnkeeperWhites
Hannah Salter 70 Widow Innkeeper
Eliza Marshall 32 Daughter
12th Sept
William Didham was charged with assaulting John Dawton at the Crown & Thistle, Cullompton on 30th August, and requesting him to be bound over to keep the peace towards him – Complainant said he came into the house to have a pennyworth of cider, and saw the defendant there, who abused him very much, and without any provocation struck him a severe blow in the head. – The case was dismissedWestern Times
1878William Denning: InnkeeprWhites
1889William Denning: Innkeepr Kellys
4th April 1891Fire at Cullompton: On Tuesday a fire occurred at the Crown & Thistle Inn, Cullompton, which resulted in the destruction of stables, linhays, a carpenter’s shop and a portion of the back part of the inn. Fears were at first entertained that the whole of the Crown & Thistle would be destroyed but luckily the flames were cut off, and consequently the whole of the cottages adjoining, known as Victoria Terrace, were saved.  P.C. Doidge, who was on duty in Fore Street,  rendered good assistance, and the brigades of the West of England and Royal Farmers’ Offices worked well.  The whole of the property is insured.Exeter Flying Post
14th October
At the Cullompton Petty Sessions on Monday, before Messrs R H Clarke, J C New and W J A Grant, Mary Ann Walters of the Crown & Thistle, Cullompton, was summoned for keeping her house open during prohibited hours on Oct 3rd.  P.C. Clarke stated that at eight minutes after 11p.m. he saw seven men and a woman in the inn.  The last of then left at ten minutes past 11.  P.S. Baker corroborated. Defendant’s husband appeared, and said he was not aware it was so late.  He hoped it would not occur again. Fined the costs, 10s.Exeter & Plymouth Gazette
1893Mary Ann Walters, InnkeeperKellys
4th May 1894Adjourned – John Walters of the Crown & Thistle Inn, Cullompton, and Charles Brooks, mason, were charged with stealing, on March 30th, a shilling’s worth of hay, the property of Jane Strong, baker, Cullompton.  Dr. J.H. Lloyd, having personally certified that a witness was too ill to attend, the case was adjourned.Exeter & Plymouth Gazette
7th May
Drunk and Violent – Thomas Baker, labourer, Whimple, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Fore Street, Cullompton on 1st May.  P.C.’s Tozer and Bradford said the defendant, upon apprehension became very violent, and had to be taken to the Police-station in a cab. At the Police-station it became necessary to remove his boots and strap his legs, to protect the four men who held him from being kicked.  Defendant was further charged with assaulting Mr H.C. Bidgood, the landlord of the Crown & Thistle Inn, Cullompton, on the same occasion. Complainant said the defendant tore his collar, clawed at his face, and bit his thumb. Defendant said he was subject to fainting fit, which temporarily deprived him of his senses, and on the occasion in question a little beer upset him. Superintendent Collins reported a conviction for a similar offence at Ottery St Mary.  The Magistrates, thinking that the case would not be met by the infliction of a fine, sentenced the defendant to 28 days imprisonment with hard labour.Exeter & Plymouth Gazette
16th July
Licensed transferred from Henry Charles Bidgood to Simon VennWestern Times
25th August 1896Temporary power of sale was granted to Thomas Chilcott for the Crown & Thistle, Cullompton in place of Thomas Vickary, who has left the townWestern Times
1901 CensusCharlie Taylor 31 Licensed Victualler
Mary A Taylor 31
Charlie Taylor 11 Son
Doris E Taylor 1 Daughter
Rose 1 Taylor 22 Visitor housemaid
1902, 1910 & 1914Charles Taylor InnkeeperKellys
11th December 1914Crown & Thistle Inn, Cullompton
Noted House for Wines, Spirits and Beers.  Only one quality kept – the best
J W Buckingham, Proprietor
Exeter & Plymouth Gazette
7th September 1918In respect of the Crown & Thistle, the claim was £1,636, the owners being Messrs Wm Hancock & Sons, Wiveliscombe, and the licensee Mr J W Buckingham. – Mr J Risdon, auctioneer said he should value the house, without a licence, at £168, and would let at £14 a year. – Mr W J Thorne gave evidence as to the tenant’s fixtures – The Committee awarded £800.Western Times
7th July 1919Devon Licensing
Busy Day for the County Committee
Many Houses Closed
The “principal” meeting of the Devon County Licensing Committee was held at the Castle of Exeter yesterday, Mr G C Davie presiding (see below)
Western Times