Dolphin Inn, 28 Fore Street

Also known as the New Inn

The Dolphin Inn or New Inn, hence the name of New Inn Court, was  located at 28 Fore Street and is now Fudges Haberdashery. 

In 1903 it had a yard with stabling for 15 or 16 horses and plenty of bedroom accommodation.  It had its licence taken away in the 1920s as there were too many pubs in the town. 

It was subsequently empty for several years until becoming the Dolphin Fish and Chip shop in about1936 selling very good fish and chips.  By the 1950s it was Tancock’s Ironmongers and later became Bolhams Dry Cleaners and then the Co-op, Cullompton General Stores and Gone Bananas (closed in 2006)

Timeline for The Dolphin Inn

1678Deeds dated 24 October 1678 and 3 May 1683 held at the Devon Heritage Centre 74B/MT/596/7
1739Alice Jonslin apprenticed for Thomas Panill the elder for the New Inn2404A/PO/91/14
1766Sarah Needs apprenticed to Robert Ellicott for the New Inn late Mr Sheres2404A/PO/133/6
1770Title Deeds – Dolphin Inn or New Inn, near the shambles74B/MT/596
1773William Osmond apprenticed to Robert Ellicott for the New Inn2404A/PO/145/17
1785Title Deeds – Dolphin Inn or New Inn, near the shambles74B/MT/597
1787Jane Hill apprenticed to Robert Ellicott senior for the New Inn2404A/PO/133/14
1799Sarah Shiles apprenticed to Robert Ellicott for the New Inn2404A/PO/145/17
1823 & 1830Ann WoollandPigots Trade Directory
1839 Tithe MapPlot 2273 Owned and occupied by Thomas Wolland
Thomas Wolland Victualler 45 Devon
Charlotte Wolland 45
Thomas Wolland 15 Carpenter’s apprentice
John Wolland 6
William Wolland 5
James Wolland 5
Elizabeth Byle 12 Servant
Sarah Hyatt 55 Servant
John Brooks 20 Servant
1844Thomas WoolandPigots
1850Thomas WoolandWhites
Thomas Wolland, 56, maltster and victualler, born Cullompton
Charlotte, wife 57 born Cullompton
Thomas son 25 Carpenter born Cullompton
John son 16 linen draper’s assistant born Cullompton
William son 14 scholar born Cullompton
Thomas Hannibal? 28? Maltster and Brewer born Halberton
Charles Budd house servant 14, born Cullompton
1852-3Thomas WoollandSlaters
1871 CensusThomas Wolland 45 licensed victualler and Carpenter born Cullompton
Maria wife 30 born Cullompton
Tom 16 assistant in inn born Cullompton
John 14 Carpenter born Cullompton
Bessie 10 scholar
Annie 7 scholar born Cullompton
Charles 3 born Cullompton
William, 2 born Cullompton
Sarah, one month, born Cullompton
1878-79Thos Wolland builder and victualler Dolphin InnSlaters
Thomas Wolland married 55, Carpenter employing four men born Cullompton
Maria wife 48 born Cullompton
John son 2 Carpenter born Cullompton
Charles son 14 scholar born Cullompton
Sarah Wolland daughter 10 scholar born Cullompton
Alfred son 8 scholar born Cullompton
8 Jan 1889Sale of Freehold premises Dolphin Inn (see below)Tiverton Gazette
1891 CensusEdwin Upham 48, innkeeper born Stogumber in Somerset
Elizabeth Anne, wife, 45, born Caldicott in Monmouthshire
Montague Edwin, son, 12, born Williton in Somerset
Mary Jane daughter 10 born Williton
Lillian 6
Harold Seymour son 5
Clement John 3
Edward Colston Franks boarder 51 living on own means born Bristol
1893Edwin UphamKelly’s Trade Directory
1901 CensusElizabeth A Upham 54,innkeeper running own business from home, born Caldecot in Monmouthshire;
Harold S son 15, cabinet maker’s apprentice born Williton in Somerset;
Clement J 13, born in Somerset Stogumber
Lillian 16 draper’s apprentice
Richard Murch 50, ostler groom servant, born Broadclyst in Devon
Elizabeth Matthews Widow 53
Emily H Perry niece Assistant 34
George Wright 20 Ostler,Groom
1902Edwin UphamKellys
1910John NexKellys
1911 CensusJohn Nex innkeeper born Cullompton
Elizabeth wife 41 sitting in the business born Cullompton
Sidney son 20 house painter born Cullompton
John son 12 at school born Cullompton;
George Biss lodger 68 married Carpenter born Cullompton
1914John NexKellys
1919James William Buckingham Kellys
1923James BuckinghamKellys