Globe Hotel, 54 Fore Street

 Globe Hotel is the building with the sign above it  on the left-hand side (unsure of date)

Began life as the Salutation Inn which dates back to at least 1759, by 1808 it had been renamed the Globe Inn and later became the Globe Hotel. The original Globe Inn was destroyed by fire in 1865 but by 1889 it had reopened with Thomas Luxton as inn keeper and cab proprietor.  The 1893 Kelly’s Directory describes it as follows “

“Luxton Thomas, post horse & fly proprietor, hearse & mourning coaches, good stabling & accommodation for commercials”

During the 1930s the Labour Exchange was downstairs and this was where people signed on.

Cullompton Rugby Club bought the premises in 1970 and the supporters club was opened.  Cullompton Rugby Club moved to its new premises in December 1988.

It became Applegates Off-licence, after which it was converted into two shops both of which have had a number of different tenants.


1759Susanna Goodhind apprencticed to John Goodhind for the Salutation by consentDevon Record Office
1771Ann Haydon apprenticed to Robert Ellicott for the Salutation Inn by consentDevon Record Office
1796Robert Plumpton apprenticed to Robert Ellicott for the Salutation Inn by consentDevon Record Office
1808James Sprague 9 apprenticed to Samuel Plumpton for the Globe InnDevon Record Office
1818“….to be paid to her, her heirs or assigns out of the rents and profits of a house, garden and appurtenances situate in the parish and town of Cullompton aforesaid called the Globe Inn and now in my possession to be paid to her or her heirs or assigns at the end of one year next after my decease and to be continued to be paid to her or her heirs or assigns at the end of every succeeding year forever ….”

Devon Heritage Centre
Extract from Will of Samuel Plumpton of Cullompton, Yeoman Died 7 April 1818
Executor William Heard of the parish of Cullompton, Plumber & Gazier
1823Edward Gilham
1830 & 1838George Moore
December 1837It is a matter of regret to many who feel an interest in the prosperity of this Town, that the Market is fallen into so neglect a condition.  There are those now living among us who remember it under better circumstances, when the usual market commodities were amptly supplied on a Saturday, and a good stroke of business done in the Corn Trade, around the lower end of the Old Shambles, and the balcony of the Salutation (now the Globe) Inn”.Cullompton Town Book Page 59
1839 Tithe MapPlot 2286: Globe Inn and Garden – Owner William Plumpton, occupier John Moggridge
Plot 2305:Garden belonging to Globe inn
Owner: William Plumpton, occupier Abraham Hammett
1841 CensusRichard Moggridge 25 Innkeeper
Anna Moggridge 25
Susan Seward 20
Peter Luxton 15 Male Servant
Lucinda Sparks 15 Female Servant
1844Samuel KitchingPigots
1850Robert WelchWhites
1851 CensusRobert Welch, 51, victualler, born Tiverton
Mary, wife, 58, born somewhere in Devon
Elizabeth Arbery, daughter-in-law, 23, barmaid, born Cullompton
Charlotte Pollard, lodger, 46, agricultural labourer’s wife, born somewhere in Devon
1852/3Robert WelchSlaters
10 July 1858Early on Thursday morning, some persons succeeded in entering the premises of Mr. Robert Welch, of the Globe Inn, in this town. The family retired to bed at about twelve on Wednesday night, and on coming down on Thursday morning found that an entrance had been effected through the window from the yard, the persons entering by removing one of the panes of the back window. The plants also were removed from inside and placed in order on the ground. On entering from the yard into the passage they went to the bar and took the till, supposed to contain about 30 shillings. Some spoons which were in the bar were bent in every fashion, the thieves having been deceived in their value. The empty till has since been found in a dung-heap, and nothing is known of the offenders.Western Times
Henry Rowe, 35, innkeeper and butcher, born Willand
Juliana, wife, 30, innkeeper’s wife, born Cullompton
Alina, 4, scholar, born Cullompton
John Albert, 3, scholar, born Cullompton
Sidney Lewis, 1, born Cullompton
Thomas Abbott, 20, butcher’s apprentice, born Cullompton
Eliza Frost, servant, 16, house servant, born Milbourne Port, Dorset
Sarah Ann Brooks, 10, house servant, born Cullompton
John Toogood, boarder, widower, 52, Baker, born Cullompton
Charles Parish, boarder, 51, Mason, born Exeter
John Shutley, lodger, 29, Baker, born somewhere in Somerset
Samuel Mills, 22, Weaver, born somewhere in Somerset
8 Sept 1865The Globe Inn (Mr Weaver’s) and an adjoining house were destroyed by fire on Tuesday morning.  The furniture and buildings were insured.Exeter & Plymouth Gazette
9 Sept 1865Two Houses Destroyed by Fire – A disastrous fire broke out shortly before three o’clock on Sunday morning last, on the premises of Richard Weaver, landlord of the Globe Inn.  The fire commenced on the ground floor. The materials of the house being very old, the place was soon in flames, which communicated with premises owned by Mr James Plumpton, painter and glazier. Four efficient and well-manned fire engines were on the spot shortly after the fire was discovered, and succeeded in cutting a communication between the adjoining premises, thus stopping the progress of the flames. It was at first thought that the whole street would be burnt down, and as it was, the whole premises of the Globe, and another house were entirely destroyed. The household furniture of all the premises are insured. The origin of the fire is unknown.West Somerset Free Press
1871 CensusNot Listed
1889Luxton Thomas, fly proprietorKellys
1891 CensusThomas Luxton, 39, innkeeper, cab proprietor, born Cullompton
Jane, wife, 38, born Cullompton
Alice Emma, daughter, 13, born Cullompton
Bessie Louisa, daughter, 11, born Cullompton
Tom, son, 10, born Cullompton
Mary, Sarah, 9, born Cullompton
Walrond William, son, 8, born Cullompton
Adelaine H, daughter, 7, born Cullompton
Charlie John, son, 5, born Cullompton
John ?, Son, 4, born Cullompton
Ellen Passmore Carter ‘owner’, born Cullompton
1893Luxton Thomas, post horse & fly proprietor, hearse & mourning coaches, good stabling & accommodation for commercialsKellys
William Edwards, 42, publican, own business, born Somerton in Somerset
Louisa, wife, 43, born Plymouth
Daisy, 19, barmaid, born Mansfield, Derbyshire
Violet, 8, born Frocester in Gloucestershire
1902Edwards LewisKellys
1911 CensusWilliam Edwards, 49, hotelkeeper, own business, born in Somerset;
Louisa, wife, 50, assisting in business, born Plymouth;
Violet Louise, daughter, 18, dressmaker, own business, working from home, born Frocester?
1914Edwards: Louisa (Mrs)Kellys
1919Edwards Louisa (Mrs.) Kellys
1939Jn Merson Kellys
1970Cullompton Rugby Club bought the old Globe Hotel  and the supporters club was opened.
1988Cullompton Rugby Club moved from its premises in Fore Street to its new permanent home in December