Market House Inn, High Street

Also known as the Bishops Blaize

Going back to at least 1822 there was a public house known as the Bishops Blaize on the site of, what is now, the Market House Inn.  The first record we have been able to find of the Market House Inn is 1878/9 prior to that it was listed as the Bishops Blaize, named after the patron saint of woolcombers.

We are assuming that the Bishops Blaize changed its name to the Market House when the market moved to High Street.


1822John Wescombe (Bishops Blaize)Pigots
1839Agnes Wescombe (BIshops Blaize)Pigots
Tithe Map
Plot 2521 is owned and occupied by Agnes Wescombe, this land is directly behind Plot 2520 which fronts onto High Street and is owned and occupied by Henry Goodhind.
Both properties are described as House & GardenFrank Courtenay Matthews
1844Agnes Wescombe (Bishops Blaize)Pigots
17 May 1845“…. After Divine Service the Oddfellows again formed in procession, and having paraded the principal streets of the town with trumpets sounding and colours flying, they proceeded to the Bishop Blaize Inn, where about two hundred sat down to an excellent, in a large marquee which had been erected in a skittle alley for the occasion.  T. Barnes Esq. officiated as Chairman.  After dinner, about three hundred visitors joined the party ….”Exeter & Plymouth Gazette

22 April 1848
To be sold by Auction, by Mr Hart, at the Bishops Blaize Inn, Cullompton, on Saturday, the 6th May next, at two o’clock in the afternoon a DWELLING HOUSE & GARDEN, Situated at the North Upper end of Cullompton, at present in the occupation of James Lund…”Western Times
1850Agnes Wescombe (BIshops Blaize)Whites
1852-3John Tuckett (Bishops Blaize)
Listed as Bishop’s Blaize
Board Joseph 42
Board Elizabeth 49
Board Elizabeth 23
Board Samuel 17
Board John 13
Board Walter 9
Board Eva 5
Duckett John 76 Father in law
Frost Robert 52 Cousin
Stone John 43 Lodger
Stone Elizabeth 8 Lodger
8 Sept 1875“All the old licenses were renewed but the Chairman announced that in one or two cases there had been some doubt about granting the renewals, because of questionable management of the houses; against the landlord of the Bishop Blaize, Cullompton, there had been a charge of supplying drink to drunken persons, and the license had been endorsed. …”Exeter Flying Post

12 July 1878
PETTY SESSIONS – Monday – Before W.C. RAYER, G.M. MARKER and T. TURNER, Esqs. – John WALTERS, shoemaker. was charged with stealing, on the 6th, 2cwt. 13lbs, of coal, value 1s 6d, the property of Mr R. FARRANT, of Growen Farm, Cullompton. Mr PAYNE, appeared for the defendant.  Defendant was employed at the time of the offence assisting the Cullompton Railway Station unloading coal trucks, when he asked Edward BALE, a lad carting it away, to hold up a bag whilst he put in the coal.  He gave the lad a half – pint of “half-and-half” to cart the coal to Cullompton, telling him to leave it at the “Bishop Blaize” (the name the New Market House was called for many years ……Western Times
1878-9 Charles Grainger (Market House)Whites
1881 CensusCharles Grainger 36Innkeeper and carpenter
Sarah Grainger 25
Florence Ann 4
William John 2
Elizabeth Wilcox 13 servant
Thomas Mardon 50 boarder gardener
1889Charles GraingerKellys
Grainger Charles 47 Carpenter
Grainger Sarah 35
Grainger Florence 14
Grainger William 12
Grainger Ada 9
Grainger Nellie 5
Grainger Lottie 2
Seaistes? John 36 Lodger General Labourer
Holmes? Charles 47 Lodger General Labourer
1911 CensusArthur Denner 43 Innkeeper
Adelaide Denner 48
Winifred Denner 17
Herbert Denner 12
Rhoda Denner 17 (visitor)