Weary Traveller, Station Road

Also known as the Railway Inn and the Showman

Originally the Railway Hotel in 1903 it was reported as “an establishment with plenty of bedroom accommodation and stabling, and it served as a useful house for people who had to go by rail as it was only 300 yards from the station”

After the railway station closed in 1964 it was renamed the Showman by George and Barbara Woodhouse in about 1970, when they took the premises over from Wilf Goff, in recognition of the fairground people who lived close by during the winter. Robert Phipps can remember his Grandfather George De-Vey unveiling the new Showman sign.

Dennis Abbott became landlord after the George and Barbara Woodhouse.

 It was renamed again in 1990 by Pete and Vi Martin when it was refurbished and became the Weary Traveller, the reason for the change being that many tourists stop here.

It was the first pub in Cullompton to have a jukebox.


11 Sept
Mr Luxton, landlord of the Admiral Hawke Inn, Cullompton applied for a licence to a new house, which he was now building on the road to the Cullompton station from the town. Police Constable Ware said that the applicant had always conducted his house creditably, for many years. The BENCH thought that the house in question would be a great accommodation to the public, and granted the application. See below
1878John ParkhouseWhites
1889Frank Courtenay MatthewsKellys
1891 CensusFrank C Matthews 40
Elizabeth Matthews 42
Frank C Matthews 11
Mabel Matthews 9
Emily H Perry (Neice) 24 Assistant
1893Frank Courtney MatthewsKellys
1901 CensusElizabeth Matthews Widow 53
Emily H Perry (neice) Assistant 34
George Wright 20 Ostler,Groom
1902Elizabeth MatthewsKellys
1910Elizabeth MatthewsKellys
1911 CensusMr Ewens 
1914Charles B EwensKellys
1919Thomas H DreweKellys
1923Thomas H DreweKellys
A list of previous landlords